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Common Questions Top
Who is TOVL ?

TOVL is a web based library system that has been built to save as a panacea to many educational problems in our country as well as to become an integral part of curricula all grade levels. It will strengthen and enhance the teaching, research and service of library. Which would result to promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to educational resources and applying the skills of ICT

Please learn more at our about us page

Who can / can't use TOVL .?

TOVL is a platform built for everyone , from children ( 7-14ages ) to teenagers and adults ..

How do I report a security issue

TOVL takes security very serious , we aim to take immediate action to address security related problems in our platform , However, like all other softwares it is possible that a security vulnerability may be present in our services

If you encountered a security issue , we ask you to report it by contact us or email us

Is TOVL safe for children to visit ?

TOVL is safe for use , However we believe it is important to provide added protection for children online. We encourage parents and guardians to spend time online with their children to observe, participate in and/or monitor and guide their online activities

How can I advertise on TOVL ?

You will have have to contact us ...

My Account Top
Why do I need an Account ?

To access and read a book at TOVL you need an account , However having an account gives you extra benefits at TOVL

  • You get to have access to read over thousands of books
  • Advantage to save books under your account to read later
How do I create an Account ?

Its easy to create an account , We only need your name , email address and a password

  • Click Create an Account at the right top corner of every page ( you can see the link if you haven't signed in )
  • Complete all the fields in the create account page

    We insist you provide the correct information , as in this information will be used along with other details to keep your history details within our system usage

  • Untick the newsletter checkbox if you dont wish to receive weekly update emails from TOVL
  • Click the create an account button and you will be emailed a link to activate your account
  • Follow the instruction on your email ( activation email ) , to start using your account
How do I edit / modify my Account ?

To update your email , name or any other preferences please follow the below procedures

  • Sign in to your account by clicking on Sign in at the top right of every page
  • Enter your registered email and password to complete the form and click Sign in button
  • If successfully signed in , on the top right corner click on your name and from the drop down click on My Account
  • Click on Manage account settings under account details section
  • From the edit profile page you can change your name , email and password
    Note : Changing email and password requires you knowing your current password
What do I do if I have lost my password

You can reset your lost password , using either of the two ways mentioned below , both ways require your email awareness

  • Using the Forgot password link ( if you are not signed in )
    • Click Sign in link at the top right of this page or any other page
    • At the sign in page , below click on Forgot your password link
    • Enter your account email , and your we will email instructions to reset your account
  • By editing your profile ( after you have signed in )
    • Click Sign in and sign to your account
    • Go to My account to edit your profile
    • Under change password and change email you will see a button click here to reset
    • Click on the button and we will email instruction to reset your password
How do I un-subscribe from email alerts ?
  • You can either click the un-subscribed link me from your email alerts
  • If you are signed in , on edit my profile , un check your subscription status and save your changes
Books Topics Top
Where can I publish a book ?

Currently all books are published by the TOVL team , If you have a book please contact us or send us an email so that we can publish your book

Does TOVL sell books

No . at TOVL we do not sell books , TOVL is a system built for people to come and read books online only

How do I read a Book ?

To read a book , open the book you want to read and click read now

Can I download a Book at TOVL ?

No . you can't, You can only read books online

How do I add Books in my Favorite Shelf ?

You can add a book/books in your shelf by clicking add to favorite button

How do I remove a book my Favorite Books ?

You can remove a book by using any of the 3 methods below

  • Using the remove from favorite button

    When you add a book in your favorites, the button state changes to in my favorite , you can reclick the button to remove the book from the list

  • Using Favorite books list page
    • Click on the my favorite books link
    • Locate the book you want to remove and then click Remove from Favorite button ,
  • Using My account page

    Under my account details , click clear my favorite books , this will remove all books under your account

Author and Publisher Guidelines Top
Im an Author, who should I contact

If you an author and need to contact us , Please use our contact page to contact us or email us

How to submit a book ?

You can either use our contact page or email us your book and all the details
For more information please write or call us

Can I have an account as a publisher/author ?

Currently you can not create an account as an Author or Publisher , but we are still growing and probably will implement this in the future

How do I contact book Author / Publisher ?

We do not have book author informations , Books published are submitted to us by respective publishers

Payments Methods Top
This section and all its questions will be updated soon
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  • Kawe, Old Bagamoyo Road, Adjacent to Kawe Police Station, Kinondoni Municipality, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • P.O.Box 14246 Dar Es Salaam
  • + 255 762 519 784 / +255 653 310 092
  • info@tovl.ac.tz / info.rainat@gmail.com
  • Website: www.tovl.ac.tz
Or if you need to write us a feedback , Please use our feedback form