Phrasal Verbs
Mkuki na Nyota


Phrasal Verbs is the book that aims at helping students get a clear understanding of english verbs

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Publication Date November 6, 2018
Pages 168 pages
Edition First Edition
Nature Reference
About the publisher
Mkuki na Nyota

24 Samora Avenue Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mkuki na Nyota is a Tanzania based publishing house creating educational, scholarly/trade, children’s and art books in Tanzania and Eastern Africa for worldwide distribution. Established in 1991, Mkuki na Nyota was a response to the general absence of high quality, independent publishing in Tanzania. Our vision is to be a fiercely independent and vibrant Tanzanian imprint publishing relevant, progressive, liberating, affordable and entertaining content. Through our work we continue to develop and encourage a culture of reading in Tanzania, as well as nurturing indigenous literature as a method of preserving and sharing stories. Everyday we strive to publish “Relevant Books, Affordable Books, and Beautiful Books”.

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