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About TOVL


There have been expansion in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools in Tanzania so as to meet the increasing demand for education. Traditionally, physical facilities which include building of library facilities and equipping them with books may not be a viable option in this era of scarce resources. A viable avenue that is yet to be practiced in many parts of the country is the use of use of virtual library. Mbeya University of Science and Technology in association with Rainat Technology Solution have developed the Tanzania Online Virtual Library (TOVL). TOVL is meant to bridge the gap that is a result of limited resources and enhance the use of ICT based technology. It is envisage that the project will improve access to books that were once limited and can be reached from anywhere.

Main Objectives

To create an Online Virtual Library for Primary, Secondary Schools as well as Universities and other Institutions of Higher Education in Tanzania and aspired to extent this services to farmers as well as entrepreneurs owning small medium enterprises.

Specific Objectives

1. To reduce the scarcity of text books in learning institutions and underpin learning and acquisition of knowledge, to provide a more solid basis for education and to enhance quality of life by drawing on digitally unavailable (preferably on-line) books, materials and journals via ICT-based tools.

2. To provides remote (on-line or CD-ROM based) access to a variety of national and international content (e.g Curricula, Learning materials, Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers), services traditionally offered by libraries and other information sources.

3. To equip every home with a fully Library and Provide access to distant educational materials and to ensure the systematic development of the means to collect, store and organize information and knowledge in digital form and provide easy and affordable access to it around the clock form various locations in Tanzania.

TOVL aims to serve the purpose of

  • Providing ICT-based access to a range of digitally available publications for educational purposes available in the public domain and from other sources
  • Provide access to distant learners with educational materials these learners will include students, researchers and teachers of all levels from primary, secondary schools, universities and educational institutions of higher learning in Tanzania
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration between and among the researchers, library and educational communities, nationally, regionally and internationally
  • Offer lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Initiate and develop the culture of using ICT for studying and thus reduce digital gape in our country
  • To increase and open other new ICT opportunities